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The Way Home

 Part I - Transformation

By noon the following day, I realized that I felt an absence of conflict, dissonance, internal strife. All the feelings associated with my personal crisis were gone. I remember saying to myself, “That’s nice,” but I didn’t give it another thought. By Thursday evening of that week, however, I began to notice that something was different inside me. There was a Billy Graham crusade on television and I felt strangely drawn to watch it. As the people came forward at the end of the telecast I wept over the fact that they were coming to know Jesus. That really puzzled me because, for most of my life, I had played the role of the tough guy who couldn’t be hurt. Now I was on my living room couch, weeping with joy over what I was witnessing. I looked down at my heart and said to myself, “Something has happened inside of me.”
The following weeks and months it slowly became clear that indeed, something truly was different. I developed a hunger and thirst for reading the Bible, I stopped swearing, my priorities in life changed, I sought out and found a church to attend. I found myself starting to come alive.
The greatest testimony to me that indeed something was radically different with me was that I was finally free of some addictions I had been struggling with most of my life. Through tremendous amounts of self-effort I had tried and tried to change, but I could not. The week after my relationship with God was reconciled through Jesus Christ, quite literally, I was no longer addicted. I know it doesn’t work that way for everyone, but it did for me. I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that a power far greater than I was working in my life.
Since that day, the Lord has brought into my life mentors, teachers, pastors, and writers to teach me and strengthen me in Him. I am still enjoying the journey, this road that is less-traveled and sometimes difficult to maneuver, but ultimately rewarding, purposeful, and exciting.