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The Way Home

Part II - The Answers I Found

There were three basic questions I asked for many years of my life:

1) Everything was fine before man came and ruined it all. Is there a solution?

2) What is the point of it all (the purpose of life)? Is there something more?

3) What is MY purpose in life?

Now for the answers I have found:

1) Everything seems to be messed up. Nature would be perfectly balanced if it wasn’t for people messing it up, pollution and greed ruining everything... Is there a solution?
Indeed, it seems that everything is messed up here. The Bible tells us that God created everything perfectly but because of the rebellion of humanity against Him, He judged humanity. This original act has brought chaos into society. You see it played out every day on the evening news, in the morning papers. It is easy for us to blame “the other guy” for all the problems. However, if we are really honest with ourselves and willing to strip away the blindfold of self-deceit, we can see that all of us are guilty; all of us fail in some way; not one of us is perfect. The Bible says, “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” This means that every one of us falls far short of God’s standard for a relationship with Him. That standard is perfection. So, indeed, everything is all messed up down here. In my sin (true moral failure), I contribute to that mess. I do not treat people the way that God wants me to treat people and I do not reflect what God wants me to be in my daily life.
When I was younger and I mused over the original question, I came up with a philosophical solution: it was one of those “if only” statements that briefly flashed through my mind. “If only people were not here at all then things would not be messed up.” It was a young boy’s determination of what could have been. However, the Bible does have an answer.
Since, according to the Bible, God is perfectly righteous and holy, He cannot have sin in His presence. God loves us but He cannot be reconciled to us or have relationship with us until He deals with the sin problem. Fortunately for us, Jesus paid the sin debt on our behalf. We owed God big time, so big that we would never be able to repay our debt. But Jesus “stepped up to the plate” and was willing to pay the debt on our behalf. Because of his holiness, God needed to judge you for your sin and banish you away from his presence forever. But Jesus died on the cross at Calvary to take God’s judgment and wrath upon Himself and bore the burden of your sin so you would not have to. God was completely satisfied with the blood that Jesus spilt on Calvary for the sin of every man and woman. We are forgiven. Jesus paid the price in full and opened the way for us all to be reconnected with the Father and have a relationship with Him. Unlike religion, Christianity is about relationship.
Here’s the bottom line: in the beginning things were perfect, people messed it up, and then Jesus came to clean up the mess.
2) There must be something more to life than just having a job, going on vacation, marrying, having children and then dying… really, what is the point of it all? Is there something more?
The Bible has an answer for the basis of human dignity. We are created in the image of God. God says that He knew us before even the creation of the world and that He has a plan for each one of us. He says that He knit us together in our mother’s womb. God’s answer for me was a resounding “yes”, there is something more, and that more is me and my plans for you.