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The Way Home

Part II - The Answers I Found (continued)

3) I want my life to matter and to count. What is MY purpose here?

The answer to this came to me one day as I was reading in my library. The Lord spoke to me: “What is the use of you learning all of this stuff about me, if you don’t share it with others, to help others?” Shortly after the Lord spoke this to me, I was asked by the Sunday School Superintendent if I would be open to teaching a college & career class. I quickly protested but she assured me that she had discussed it with the pastor and they both felt that I was ready, as they had been watching me grow and mature. Eventually I agreed and the Lord started bringing a sense of fulfillment into my life because I was now helping others to grow in Him. I was starting to impact people for eternity.

God also led me to start praying for Him to bring people across my path while I traveled across the country for my job. I had numerous opportunities to talk to people about the saving power of Jesus while on airplanes, hiking, in hot tubs at the hotel, on course and in our church. God used me to bring over a dozen people to Christ in those early years, and the impact it had on me was phenomenal. I was involved in eternal purposes, and I received tremendous joy and fulfillment in seeing people come to Christ.

I have come to believe that a person’s sense of fulfillment in what he does is directly linked to how much impact he is having in people’s lives and for how long that impact is felt. To be involved in seeing Jesus set someone free of an addiction, or even come to salvation, was and is tremendously rewarding.

Thus, God gave me my answer to “I want my life to count.”Finally, when I was asking these questions, I was not aware of other needs that I had. I was not aware of a fourth question, if you will. It was:

4) How do my emotional needs - for love, acceptance, significance - get fulfilled?

By talking to others over the years, working with hurting people, and reading scores of psychological books, Christian books and the Bible, I have discovered that we are all basically the same. We all have the same need for unconditional love, acceptance and significance. Nothing in this world can fully meet all of those needs. Yes, we can go to the self-help book section or listen to the psychological TV evangelist, but all of this involves empowering us to make it happen for ourselves.

The wonderful thing is that all of these needs are perfectly met in Jesus Christ. He perfectly loves me, perfectly knows me, perfectly accepts me. What a difference it made in my life when I started believing this truth, standing on it, living it out. It is life-transforming, life-empowering, life-changing.

Jesus does not want anyone to be lost. He loves us all and wants us to be reconciled to the Father. “For God so loved the world…” He is offering us life, real life. He is offering us emotional and relational healing. From time to time He offers us physical healing, as well. He offers us unconditional love, acceptance, a sense of significance and purpose in life. He offers us freedom from addictions, freedom from guilt, anxiety and painful emotions. He has not promised to take us out of the trials, pains and sorrows of life, but He has promised us that He will be in there with us, strengthening us, keeping us, holding us and even carrying us if necessary.

If you want to begin the journey home like I did, then with honesty pray…

“Jesus, I confess to you that I have sinned. I have failed you, myself and others. I ask that you forgive me for my sins, and I ask that you make me clean and whole. I give my life to you. Help me to follow you. Teach me your ways. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

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