Advantages of having a private driver

For administrative or other reasons, some people choose to hire a private driver. What are the advantages that come with this act? Let's discover them together dear reader.

Private chauffeurs, an ode to comfort

Private chauffeurs, also known as VTC (VĂ©hicule de Transport avec Chauffeur), facilitate and optimize travel in the main French cities. You can consult our source. They are at your disposal day and night and offer everything you need to optimize your comfort. With these VTCs, you can travel in a spacious luxury car with all the necessary amenities to make your trip more peaceful. 

Passenger transportation companies like Prestige ParisI offer you the choice between first class, business class and vans. These chauffeur-driven passenger transportation specialists are available for transportation throughout France, and even abroad. The drivers hold a professional license issued by the VTC. One of the main services offered by this type of company is airport transfers, where you can book their transportation services. 

Passenger driver for safe transportation

If you choose to travel with VTC, you are protected from the dangers of the road. In addition to the usual insurance, the vehicle driven by the driver is insured for professional liability. This is a legal requirement for passenger transportation. This protects you from accidents that may occur during the moving process. In addition, some companies offer additional insurance that covers things like lost luggage.

 Passenger driver: a special type of service.

As already mentioned, the services of a private driver are particularly beneficial. Whether it's a bottle of water, a charger for your cell phone or anything else, everything is taken care of to make your trip enjoyable. And if you need to get to and from the airport or train station, a private driver will help you carry your luggage. They will also be waiting for you on the platforms and in the airport baggage hall to welcome you and help you with your luggage if necessary. 

These are services that you would not be able to provide if you were using public transportation or traveling alone. As you can see, hiring a private driver has many advantages. It's up to you to decide if you want to use them!