Learn More About Timelapse

Timelapse is very trendy nowadays for the simple reason that they allow to create really amazing effects from simple photos. They can be made with a professional camera or a smartphone camera. But before you embark on this quest, it is important to have some basics. Luckily, that's the topic covered in this article. 

How to Make a Good Timelapse

For more details, you can visit the website. Timelapse is a set of pictures taken in a regular time interval to follow the evolution of a work for example or to make interesting animations. Before you start, you must first have the right equipment. As a rule, there are cameras specially designed for this mode of shooting. But if your smartphone allows it, you can use it. Then, you need to find an interesting scene. It can be a busy highway or a plant in its first moments of life. 

Once all these steps are completed, it's time to calibrate your camera for the shot. As it is a question of several photos taken from the same point, it is necessary that the support is stable. For this, the tripod is the best option. This equipment ensures that the camera remains stable throughout the recording process. Another very important piece of equipment is an intervalometer. This is the equipment that will automatically trigger the pictures after a certain time, because you cannot do it manually and this for several reasons. First of all, if you try to activate the shutter, you can move the camera, and the time of shooting will not be respected.

Software to Finalize Your Work

Once you have all the shots you need, you need to integrate them into an application that will make the timelapses. One of the most common software is Adobe Lightroom. It is an easy-to-use platform that provides you with many interesting tools to make good timelapses. You can go on the internet and find applications that suit you best.