Oprah's Interview with Harry and Meghan send Feathers Flying in Buckingham Palace

In many ways, the decision of Harry and Meghan to leave the royal venue and cross continents to seek residence has raised a lot of questions. Before the interview with Oprah, there were a lot of unfounded tales and conspiracy theories about the reason for the decision. However, all these came to an end during and after the Interview with one of the most influential media personalities of all time.

Shocking Revelations of Meghan Experience among Red Blooded British Royalty

The revelations that came out from the interview with Oprah sent a wave of shock across continents. This is because the British and Northern Ireland royalty was said to have been guilty of racially discriminating against Meghan and her child, even when unborn.

At a point in the interview, Meghan explained that suicidal thoughts crossed her mind because of how horrible her experience was.

One of the statements that shed light on the racially insensitive actions of the royals was when someone (who was not mentioned) questioned the skin color of her child and if he will stand a chance among those of noble blood.

Buckingham Palace Trying to Clean Up the Mess

A lot of people have been anticipating the response of key members of Buckingham Palace. However, they seem to be quite silent on the issue. However, this does not mean there have not been strategic actions to prove Harry and Meghan’s statement as untrue.

For instance, while in a vaccination center, Prince Charles made an unusually conscious effort to mix and have conversations with people of dark color. However, he refused to answer questions about the incident when he went quiet and continued walking away.

In the latest development, the queen of England and Northern Ireland has passively addressed the issue. The most striking of her remarks was the need to address the matter privately. Many people across the globe are still anticipating further actions on the matter.