SEO: The ultimate URL redirection tool

In carrying out an SEO migration project, one has to make sure that the web pages are going in the right direction. There are several parameters that need to be taken into account for a better redesign, whether it is for a full or partial redesign. For this fact, it is useful to entrust the SEO migration plan of the platform to the professional. So how does the migration work?

What does the redirection of a website consist of?

Migration is the set of techniques that aim to move from the old version of a website to a new one. It is proposed an automatic and accurate SEO application, the details of which can be found on their website. It should be noted that the old URL is important and recognized by search engines. The only thing to do is to opt for an operation of redirection of URLs to a new version, improving the old one. This will facilitate the traffic and make the SEO fluid. Because a misdirected migration can have negative effects on traffic. So, with a well-developed SEO plan, it is executed with an accuracy that meets the needs of the site. Therefore, it is recommended to hire the expert in the technical SEO field.

The steps of the professional's intervention

The invention of the professional makes one benefit from a tailor-made support. In other words, he is able to place himself with suitable techniques and tools to better reframe the SEO migration. He will then be able to submit the website to the application for an automated analysis experience. The first step is of course to perform an analysis of the site in order to diagnose the URLs in the wrong direction or poorly positioned. The next step is to do an experimental exploration of the new version using the application. Also, subject the old and new URLs to certain technical rules. And finally, to make a definitive test to be able to validate the new version of migrated URLs of the website. In addition, it is possible for the client to follow in real time the evolution of the SEO operations, thanks to the technical report generated by the system.