Server security and DD0S protection

On the internet, there are various ways someone with bad intentions could cause you harm. If you are the owner of an e-commerce website or any other website, you could easily fall prey to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack and have your website glitching or totally cease operating. It is important to take measures in other to be protected by making sure to pick the right server and tools, for these attacks could be devastating for any website owner.

How does DDOS attack works and how to be protected

This process is widely used among hackers and pirates. It involves the overload of a website traffic through an IP address with an important volume of data. In case the IP address indicates a web server, the legitimate traffic will not be able contact it therefore making the website unavailable. Another method of attack used is the flood attack. The process implies the use of requests to flood a group of servers. These requests that are to be processed by the targeted machine are generated in large numbers and requires a super speed in other to process them. In most cases the server does not have the ability to treat such a volume of request the proper way which tend to exhaust the targeted server’s resources. Luckily there are some servers well prepared against such attacks in other to guarantee the security of your data. You can learn more about DDOS protected server here.

What are the damages caused by a DDOS attack?

A DDOS attack could cause a lot of harm to the victim. On the long term, it may cause a loss of reputation including a brand degradation. Obviously, these effects may lead to the loss of your customers and money if you’re a business and in some cases, total loss of business. If you have an entertainment website, it could result in a lesser traffic and therefore lesser views online. That is why it is crucial to do anything possible in other to have the best protection against such attacks.