The advantages of choosing the Gonzo's Quest slot machine

Slot machines are devices used in the gambling industry. These slot machines feature several games of different origins. The aim is to enable players to choose the game that suits their skill level and that will allow them to make money easily. One such game is Gonzo's Quest, an online slot machine. This article explains the advantages of choosing this machine.

A game to enrich your general knowledge

Far from being a money-making game, the Gonzos Quest slot machine also helps to enrich the player's general knowledge. This slot machine features the adventures of a conquistador known as Gonzo. His aim is to find his gold reserve, which he lost in Eldorado. The game is well designed to follow the different routes and stages that the player is expected to travel. Thanks to the game's impeccable graphics, you'll be able to learn more about the adventure of this Spanish conquistador. When you win a round, the Gonzo character reacts appropriately to your victory. The animations in this game immerse you in the Inca civilisation. 

A well-designed slot machine

Gonzo's Quest is a slot with a great design that makes it easy for players to play with the possibility of winning enough. In fact, this slot contains five reels, twenty fixed paylines and three rows. To play Gonzo's Quest, you start with a video that narrates the mission you are going to complete with Gonzo. Gonzo is located to the left of the reels to start his adventure.

On the reels of this slot machine appear symbols in the form of ancient stones. These ancient stones feature sculpted masks that immerse the player in Gonzo's true adventure. The highest symbol on the reels is eligible for a bonus of 125 times for a combination of 5. This slot has two features, including avalanche and free fall, both of which are winnable.

High volatility

Volatility is a feature that makes Gonzo's Quest the most popular slot machine online. As the game progresses, bonuses change in value. A spin can be overpriced at one moment and in a short space of time, the value of the spin drops. Faced with this, you need to be patient on this slot machine in order to enjoy the best possible volatility. What's more, you can win up to 2,500 times your initial bet. When you opt for the free-fall option, you can make up to 37500 times your initial bet.

A good payout rate

With the Gonzo's Quest slot machine, punters have the privilege of benefiting from payout rates. The special feature of this machine is that it offers players a payout rate of close to 95.97% of the initial bet. This means that players are not at all afraid of making large bets, because they know that the majority of their stake will be refunded if they fail. The player can use the redistributed amount to make further spins, or withdraw it in real money after conversion.

In addition, this slot machine offers free spins so that players can practise and master the game. The minimum bet on this slot machine is €0.20, while the maximum bet is €50.