The United States Urged to Intervene in Reported Genocide Actions Happening in Xinjiang

The administration at the White House has been called upon to intervene in the ongoing genocide actions perpetrated by the Chinese government especially against certain religious groups in the country. The most shocking revelation is that many of these calls are from citizens of China that have been victims of the situation.

China Blatantly Denying the Situation

On many occasions, China has via the statements of its public and diplomatic officials denied that they are carrying out actions that violate the regard for human rights. Of late, the Chinese foreign minister went as far as calling the reports “preposterous”.

He explained that several international colleagues that have visited the region of Xinjiang understand all these claims are in the bid to paint the communist nation of China as bad in various quarters.

However, several foreign investigations have revealed that the Chinese government cannot be held by its word on this matter. This is because of the negative precedents they have set on the matter.

For instance, the Chinese authorities initially denied that there were camps where Uighur Muslims were detained and subjected to various forms of physical, verbal, and mental abuse. However, this has been reported as untrue considering live feeds from the venue of such camps.

The Chinese government then issued a disclaimer. They explained that the facilities were intended to promote national security by nullifying any imminent threat of terrorism.

Victims Calling on the United Statement to Help

Many of those affected by the Chinese-sponsored religious attack have been calling on the United States for help.

An example is a sister of one of the victims – Asat; who was sentenced to 15 years in one of these camps on the charges of Ethnic Discrimination and Hatred. The sister of Asat claims her brother who happens to be a Harvard Law School graduate had just returned from the United States before he was apprehended by the authorities.

People like Asat’s sister and many others are calling on the United States government to take decisive actions in this regard.