Tips for making drawings on paper

Drawing is no longer just a hobby. It is a job in its own right now. It's a growing art and to do it well you need the right tips. Otherwise, you'll be making drawings on paper that won't be worth the effort at all. Faced with this state of affairs, you have to opt for the tricks that we will show you in this article.

Opt for pastels

If you want to make a successful drawing on paper, you can use pastels. These are optional tools for drawing on paper, but they are essential for successful drawing on paper. If you want to understand more about the tips, read this post. Indeed, pastels are used to enhance your drawings. There are two kinds of pastels. We have dry pastels and others that are oil-based. The dry pastels will help you to enhance your drawings. If you are drawing a portrait with a graphite pencil, you will need this pastel. By using this tool on your portraits, you will give them a much more realistic effect. 

Use good quality paper

A good drawing on paper is also a good support. The paper should be chosen with care. There are countless types of paper on which you can draw. There are three things that help you choose a good paper. You should consider the grain, density and pH of the paper. For this kind of drawing, you cannot use a fine grain. It will be too smooth and will not be effective. You can use a medium grain. A coarse grain paper is also suitable. For density, choose a paper with a high density. It is also true that it will depend on the quality of the design you want. But do not choose a low density. As for the PH, try to choose a neutral PH. This will preserve the texture and colours of your design. A paper with a lot of acid in its composition will certainly disappoint you.