Tips for optimizing your company's ESG

Dramatic environmental developments in recent years have focused the attention of entrepreneurs on the need to redefine a new model for financial decisions. Discover in this article some of the tips that underpin such a protocol.

Technological solutions

The initiator of such a decision is the company In partnership with one of the leading energy drink companies, this company has developed a solution that allows companies to comply with new environmental, social and governmental standards.

Moreover, it should be noted that the said solution is based on a punctual use of blockchain. To say more about the functioning of such a tool, it is necessary to say that its objective is to activate an effective transparency on the system of your supply chain.

That said, it should be remembered that the main goal is to oblige each company to avoid :

  • the violation of human rights during their production process; 
  • acts that endanger the environment, 
  • etc.

Adjustment of your organization's procedure

Recent events such as the war in Ukraine or the COVID have highlighted the poor organization of small companies.

Indeed, it has emerged from these different crises that the managers were working more for a reduction of the production system. In addition, some of them do not even have a crisis management strategy.

This is one of the reasons why ESG criteria have become an investment index. Thus, your position on :

  •  waste management ; 
  •  the use of energy to solve problems; 
  •  animal welfare.

This means that in order to be in line with the new investment standards, you need to design your supply chain to include actions that support environmental protection (reducing your carbon footprint) as well as energy use and animal welfare.