Watch box

If you have watches and especially luxury watches, it is in your interest to have watch cases. This is to ensure the protection and longevity of your watches. The watch case protects your watch from dust, high temperatures and shocks. These cases can be quadrilateral, oval, triangular... If you are interested to know more about these cases you can read this article.

Materials for making watch cases

For the manufacture of these cases, several materials are used. But mainly four are much known to all and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. If you visit homepage you will get more information. Leather boxes are available. They are the most beautiful. But there are good quality leathers that cost more and have a longer life than the fake ones. Wooden boxes are the most affordable on the market. If the wood is of good quality or has a good pattern, you can use it as decoration. The problem is that if these wooden boxes are exposed to moisture they will spoil quickly. Aluminium boxes look like small suitcases and are durable but are also expensive. Finally there are cardboard boxes which can be obtained at a lower cost. The longevity is also very limited.

Some tips for choosing your watch box

When choosing your boxes, there are some criteria to consider as the details really matter for this product. You should look at the top of the case. If the top surface of your case is glass or plastic, you will have an outside view of your watch. Unnecessary touches are therefore to be avoided in order not to damage your watch. It is best if the glass or plastic is unbreakable. The inside of the watch should be soft so as not to scratch the watch. You can choose a case with other compartments to store your bracelets, cufflinks and other items.