What are the features of enlaps tike 3 pro?

The Time lapse camera is a revolution in the field of photography. Timelapse is a photo technique that allows you to capture several sequences of images at precise intervals to make a video animation. However, there are several types of Time lapse with different features. What are the features of enlaps tike 3 pro? More explanations.

Always on mode

Intelligent and self-adaptive the enlaps tike 3 pro can be controlled remotely. Thanks to its functionality allowing it to always be on, it makes it easy to shoot at any time. You can get more information here. Similarly, it makes it possible to trigger a series of images taken remotely and in a lapse of time.

6k video

The professional enlaps tike camera is standalone for 6k video and photo. It has 3 sending resolution formats: full HD, 4 k and 6 k for panoramas of 7360x2650 pixels. The exploitation of images in 6 k allows to have a high level of video editing with an exceptional final rendering.


The tikee camera contains a built-in GPS allowing you to locate it. This GPS allows a very precise location of your tikee. The combination of the camera with my tykee storytelling allows you to navigate through different points of view.

Adaptive interval

The interval adaptation of the tikee 3 pro guarantees the continuity of the taking of photos and this regardless of the surrounding conditions. This camera allows you to modulate the shooting at the interval of your choice. You have the possibility to program it to take images infinitely or over days.

weatherproof IP66

This camera is designed to work at all times even in the face of bad weather. It is easily transportable without protection, can be installed everywhere without risks and is resistant. This camera can be used to take photos underwater without damaging the quality of the images or the device.