Experts say Safety Measures Are Still Essential Despite Vaccination Success Story

A while ago, many parts of the United States were excited about the report of the CDC as they released new guidelines on how to combat the spread of the virus. The report by the CDC showed that people who have been vaccinated can enjoy more freedom. For instance, they can meet with other vaccinated people and low-risk unvaccinated individuals without masks and physical distancing measures. However, some experts have a contrary opinion.

The Need to Play Safe Despite Vaccination Success

A medical expert expressed his concern over what he termed the “hasty desire for dangerous freedom” when he discussed the new guidelines by the CDC. He explained that although the number of people vaccinated is increasing by the day, there is the need to play safe and adhere to previous guidelines in curbing the spread of the virus.

He explained that “although there is also the good news of a decline in the number of REPORTED cases, the case levels witnessed are not any better than at the very height of the pandemic”. For this reason, he called on all policymakers to review the decision by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

He went on to state that “the COVID-19 virus has threatened the very fabric of our society, and we must take calculated steps towards overcoming it. In the bid to do this, the CDC has to have a round table discussion and see if the new guidelines are in the best interest of everyone. If it is not, they have to take back their words and make new health rules to this effect”.

There Are Contrary Opinions

The truth is that the statement by this health expert (in particular) is not a unanimous opinion. This is considering how some health experts are even alarmed by the feature of the new guidelines that discourage traveling. Another health expert was reported to have called the decision “baseless” and called for reassessment in that regard.