Chinese Authorities Moving in the Direction of Self-Sufficiency in Science and Technology by 2028

Speaking of the largest economies in the world, the Chinese are high up on that list. They have surmounted many odds and come a long way as their position as the second most progressive economy in the world is proof of this. However, the Chinese are bent on topping the charts in light of their decision to become a self-sufficient economy in the next 7 years.

Foreign Dependence in Science and Technology – China’s Current Challenge

Over the years, the Chinese have been known to be global key players in the manufacturing industry. For one, they are powers to reckon with in terms of productivity. However, one of the government public gatherings explained their major concern.

According to them, the dependence on America and the western world in the area of science and technology has to change. This is because many of their operating systems operate based on the technology of the United States and parts of Europe.

In the bid to become a self-sufficient nation by 2028, the Chinese authorities have decided to invest more in the area of scientific and technological research. They believe that this will set the tone for success in this regard by 2028.

The Decision may Have Political Undertone

The decision to become a self-sufficient nation especially in the area of science and technology may not only be about improving the Chinese nation. From the looks of things, this is about trying to outshine the United States in this regard as a superpower.

But more than this, they do not want the United States and other major players in the area of science and technology to hold sway over them. For instance, the Chinese suffered a bit in light of mild sanctions by the United States on the use of their technology. It is believed that development in this regard will put China in a position where the United States will not be calling the shots.

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