Myanmar Witnessing the Height of Military Tyranny

In every sense of the word, things are heating up in the nation of Myanmar. Considering recent events in the country, it is no longer news that the nation experienced a baseless coup by the military, and the civilian population has been protesting and clamoring for a restoration of the elected Democratic government.

From Bad to Worse

The military administrators in Myanmar as well as security operatives are increasingly becoming unpopular locally and on the international scene. This is considering that 2 National League for democracy officials have died while in the custody of the security agents.

The first case was reported on Sunday and as recent as Tuesday, another official of the organization was apprehended by security operatives and is now dead.

These events have further led to intense protest and force from security operatives. For instance, there were videos showing some nuns pleading with security operatives not to kill anyone. In response, the security operatives said they were merely clearing the road and had no intent to take lives.

However, this was not the case as these security officials opened fire and killed some protesters much later.

The World Needs to Act Fast

A concerned and emotional protester had this to say about the mounting crisis in Myanmar. “I seriously do not understand why the world is still watching passively. How long will they watch? How many more lives have to be lost before the United Nations stops this passive approach to demanding the restoration of the democratically elected government in Myanmar”.

This view was also shared by an international relations expert who explained that “there is a need for the world to be united in condemning the actions of the Military tyrants in Myanmar. Countries like China that hold sway over this territory have to wake up to their responsibility as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council as well as a key member of the United Nations Human Rights Council”.

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